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Abit AT8 32X Motherboard

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I kinda like this mobo especially with it supporting 8 gb of ram. Lot's of headroom there.

I was reading the reviews on Newegg, and one poster said that the 8 gb ram is for Opty processors only.

Is that correct? I have an X2 4400 and don't want to upgrade the processors to get 8 gb of ram.
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More then likely you will never need 8 gb of ram and if you ever do, you won't need it on an A64 build. Maybe in the future but for now even more then 2gb is kind of an overkill. Don't worry about that.

To answer your question, X2s support a maximum of 4gb. While opterons (not sure) 6gb max. << Can someone clarify that ?
I think it really actually has something to do with the chipset. As far as I know, Opties aren't any different from A64s when it comes to RAM.

You won't need 8GB of RAM any time soon.

I would not buy an Abit board. The only reason I'm using one now is because my DFI is out for RMA.

Originally Posted by FlaKing
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You won't need 8GB of RAM any time soon.

Well, my heavy use is graphic design and you never have too much ram when working with large files like truck wraps, etc. Hence my interest in 8gb of ram. I think maybe I'll just stick with 4 gb if the X2 proc doesn't support it.
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Well, whaddaya know. I had emailed Abit Tech Support this question and forgot about it again because there was no reply forthcoming. But I just got this back from Abit FYI:

Dear Customer,

The memory controller is build on the CPU. The motherboard does not have one.

According to AMD's specifications, X2 CPU should be able to support 8GB memory capacity.

Opteron CPU is not compatible with this motherboard.

If you have any questions, please let us know
Thank you

Best Regards,

Abit FAE Team
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