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Abit BIOS settings

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Hi everyone.

Im a first timer in buying and constructig the computer.

I am using Abit is7-E2, with p4 northwood 3.0 ghz.
Anyways, all works good, i just booted, but im not sure what settings i need to change in the BIOS.

I dont want to overclock, but just to get all the settings right.
I went into the bios and theres a million things i dont know.

Like shoul i do "turn off cpu if over heat?"
and what temp should i put it on? its currently disabled.

Also i have some fan, i set it to run 6000 RPM all the time. which is the max speed for that fun, because i didnt know how to install the temp checker.
Is that ok or will it slap me back later on?

So what other changes should i make to the defualt settings? what abou the fan? also i dont have any system cooling fan, is that ok?
only a fan on cpu and a fan on video card.

and how do i check if my video card is ok? if everything is on the correct bus speed automatically or do i need to set it?

Thx, and happy thanksgiving or whatever you are celebrating :>
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whats your memory speeds?
what video card do you have?
did you want to overclock it?
what kind of heat sink fan combination do you have?
do you play doom3 or any of the newer games??
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Mother Abit is7-E2 i865PE chipset
Cpu p4 northwood 3.0 800 fsb 512k L2

Chipset/Core Speed: ATI Radeon 9600PRO/400MHz
Memory/Effective Speed: 256MB DDR/600MHz

Ram: 184 Pin 512MB DDR PC-3200

i only bought one stick of ram i thought thats how it works.. guess not..
i thought the video was good for the price 110$

here is a link to the fan i use:
like i said i already finished putting arctic silver 5 on the heatsink and cpu and putting it togther and then i see different instructions for heat seeking fan, so different rpms. i didnt understand how to do it, and didnt want to take it apart again, so i just left it at the defualt max rpm 6000. i hope thats ok too.

also i dont have any system fan, i hope it still ok without one. only cpu fan i have.

and i dont really look to overclock unless you see easy potential in some parts that can get a big bonus from some ocing.. im just afraid to damage hardware and i dont have too much cooling power either..

mm thats it.. i dont know how to check my bios settings to see that everything is ok, and should i udpate it before i install my os?
should i do shutdown if cpu overheats? what other settings should i check in bios? any other info you guys can give thx.
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Pwn I would set it to turn off if you have it at 70c or higher.
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If you are powering that CPU fan off of the motherboard, and you can power it directly off your power supply, I would recommend doing so. Yes, you should most definitely have case cooling. At least one fan for exhaust (...and I mean at the very least), but the more air flow, the merrier. Hardware and heat are not a good combination. A $10 investment in 3-4 case fans (assuming your case will allow the mounting of these) will be very much worth the ensured longevity of your components.
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PWM look under your agp settings for aperature size and set it to 256 this should help out in any games you play... also it wasnt such a bad idea to buy one 512mb chip just as soon as you can go buy the same exact brand and model 512 chip and put the chips into the same color slots.... i think my abit board has blue and purple so just put the chips in the blue slots...once you have a gig of memory you can set your aperature to 512 this is the only way you can run doom3 in ultra quality mode...
ok i set:

Init display first: AGP (pci was default)
AGP Aperture Size: 256mb (128 default)
Shutdown when CPUFAN fail: Enabled (default disabled)
CPU shutdown temp: 75C

Disabled Unused PCI Clock: yes default.

and in the CPU operating Speed it gives me this infos:
-Ext. Clock (CPU/AGP/PCI) = 204/ 66/ 33MHz
-Estimated New CPU Clock 3060 MHz
-Strap CPU As: By Cpu
-DRAM Ratio (CPU
-Fixed AGP/PCI Frenquency: 66/33mhz

should i change any of that? also are the values i have ok for the video card and processor i bought?

Cpu: P4 northwood 3.0ghz, 800 fsb, 512k L2

Chipset/Core Speed: ATI Radeon 9600PRO/400MHz
Memory/Effective Speed: 256MB DDR/600MHz

thx.. any other info is welcome too..

and should i keep ACPI enabled?
oh and i dont have system fan or case cooling but for now half of the case is just open.. is that ok? i think that way the air will spread more that way, and also its pretty safe like under the desk where it wont be hit..
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