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ABIT Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLI LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 650i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard

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I just got this mobo and tried to overclock my Pentium D 920 2.8ghz CPU. First couple of days I had running at 3.4ghz but it restarts the computer randomly when I play games. So I thought it wasn't stable on the overclocking. But I tried to set to default setting, it does the samething. And on the mobo i have SLI chip enabled but it is showing SLI ready not detected. I was wondering if is problem with the mobo.
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did you up your north bridge voltage at all?

i had the restart problem, and I bumped that a little and it hasn't hiccuped since...
I raised from 1.2 default to 1.3v is that enough? but its still doing it the restarting thing. because I don't have a NB fan i don't know if its going to be overheated.
if it gets pretty hot to the touch, you will probably need a fan.

my system is horizontal right now, so i just set an 80mm fan on top of my NB.

I will take note of and send you my voltages next time I need to restart....
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O and do you know why when I set my memory timing to 3-3-3-9-12 it won't start up after I save and exit the bios. And the SLi ready not detected even I have the chip select on the arrow pointing the Sli side.
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I checked the SLi the green light on the mobo is on, but its saying not detected in bios. Is something wrong with the bios that i need to update the bios or the switch card is broken?
the SLI card is for having two SLI video cards. It isn't for your memory to my understanding.

My memory timings are set to their stock settings, and the frequency is the only thing that isn't at stock settings.

I got those pics, let me crop, resize and put them up here...



Temps/Fan Speeds

Memory Timings
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thx alot for the info, I have my running at 3.5ghz right now, since I don't have NB fan heheh. And When ur saying the SLI part, I have 2x7800 GTX tho. I can enable SLI mode with nVidia control panel. not in bios.

I see your CPU temp is at 55c. on my abit EQ the warning temp is at 80 for CPU, whats the temp max can go up to without having damaging/overheating.

My temp is currently at 60 running othos test, voltage at 1.36 Cpu VTT voltage default, DDR2 voltage 1.95(somehow if i go up pass 1.95 it won't start the PC). NB 1.28voltage ( i'm using the zalman CPU cooling, i can't stick a fan on top of the heatsink, not enough room.
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