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About "Fuzzy Over Clocking Utility"

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Please help me !

I cann't install "Fuzzy Over Clocking Utility", download from ECS official site.
I found the messages as follows.

Your Serial ATA device(s) has/have failed the timing requirement
for the Over Clocking Utility. IDE device(s) is/are always OK.
Utility will be aborted.

There seems to be no item of the timing setting etc. of SATA in BIOS though the error in relation to HDD of SATA is understood from the content of the message ・・・.

It would be greatly appreciated if the evasion plan could be taught.

The machine composition is as follows.
Motherboard 865PE-A Rev2.0(BIOS 2.2i)
CPU Celeron D 320
Memory Bulk 512MB*2(PC3200)
HDD(SATA) Hitachi HDS722516VLSA80
OS WindowsXP(SP2) Home Edition
IDE(Primary) unused
IDE(Secondary) DVD-ROM+CD-R

My best regards.

Myaa from JAPAN
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Evasion is right. Forget even using the overclocking utility and just use the bios to overclock. Its better that way anyway.
I understood your comments.
But there is another problem.
When I changed FSB clock on BIOS, SATA-HDD was not recognized by BIOS.
Why? I am at a loss.
Thats kind of wierd. Is your AGP/PCI bus locked on your mobo? Im not to sure about intels. But my thinking is that, if they arent locked, then data is becoming too corrupt to communicate with the hard drive. Although this is unlikely. Try raising your FSB by 1 and if that doesnt work then something else is going wrong.

Maybe some Intel guys will better be able to answer your question for I normally deal with AMD.
thanks again.
I lock AGP/PCI clock. But the problem is not solved.
Other problems seem to exist as you say.
I variously test other methods.
You need to set the AGP/PCI clock to 'asynchronous'. Is this how you have it set?
I've got the answer from ECS support staff.

They said that "Over Clocking Utility" doesn't support SATA HDD.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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