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About to do some 8800gt OCing

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hey all

i've been familiar with the OCing for a while, though graphic cards are still an unknow area.

i've got a 8800gt OC edition by MSI, with fan at stock: 29%; 660Mhz GPU clock; 950Mhz memory clock; 1650Mhz Shader clock.
I'm about to see how far I can take the card in EVGA precision

When running OCCT, 1680*1050 @60Hz for 1 hour (stresstest of course), the temps peaked at 96°C (29% stock cooler, medium airflow in the case).

I think I can bring down the temp by a bit because I got a decent airflow in the case (which iI can turn up) and I can turn up the cooler fan speed.

So my following (noobish) questions are
1)is it safe to (I am on the pc for 3 hrs a day) keep the GPU fan running at 100%?
2)(don't get a stroke on the next questions
) When I overclock the GPU clock and the memory clock, do I need to maintain a certain ratio? or can I just take those as far as I can?
3)What's with the shader speed? I really don't know what shaders are for and if it is important to OC it and/or maintain a certain ratio with the rest?

i'm embarassed...

(thanks in advance
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I have just taken another OCCT stress test (gpu). 1680*1050 @60hz for 1hour.

GPU fan = 100% (terrible whiny sound
max airflow in the case
no open case (i'll soon do a test with my case open and the windows of my room, to get the lowest possible.

idle: 42°C
load: 74°C (on a test for 1 hour)

I think that that isn't not that bad. (only to bad that this could only be achieved with stock cooling at 100%)

Any overclock potential?


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I took the core speed to 701Mhz... and something very strange happened.
I did the exact same test on OCCT, the GPU test, exact same settings.

100% stock cooling, max airflow in the case, and the window of my room open.

I maxed out at 72°C!!! less then when the core was clocked on 660 (standard)
is this normal? Or is this because I didn't yet overclock the memory and thus the test couldn't fully stress the 701Mhz

I dunno

note: core speed and shader speeds were linked so when I did core speed to 701Mhz, shader speed was 1752 Mhz
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