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About to switch my motherboard what schould i look out for?

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Hi guys i got good deal on a Asus M5A99 X pro so i took the leap mainly on account of my current motherboard is 970 chipset and only runs x16 x4 on my crossfire, Iam hoping ill pick-up somewhat of a performance increase by switching/! But anyway my main question is iam kinda scared I have to take out my cpu out of my old motherboard and I dont wanna bend and pins so is there a proper way I schould do this? I cant post any photos on my profile for some reason so I cant show you guys any pictures ( iam sorry ) If my fx 6100 dosent do well with this new motherboard iam probbly gonna pick-up a Fx 6350 or 8350 and slap it in there in 2 weeks timeframe but I would like to run some tests with this cpu just to see if fps and oc goes up?!.................. Thank you for any advice on this iam looking forward to it:thumb:
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If you will be placing the cpu into the new motherboard immediately, here's what I would do:

  1. Remove the cooler and clean off the cpu with rubbing alcohol
  2. Place both boards next to each other, open both sockets
  3. Take some Daizepam
  4. Ground yourself by touching a metal object
  5. Remove the CPU and place it into the new socket, close the socket
  6. Proceed building your PC
Lol~ I got everything coverd except Number# 3 !

Iam not expecting much but do you guys think I schould pick-up some performance with this Motherboard seeing the diffrences I pointed out in my original post?
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