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Absolute urgent help needed. Bluescreen blues

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Currently posting from my iPod.

Ok. I'll keep this brief, I set my pc to use 2 cores in the advanced boot options tab in windows 7 and now she Wont boot.

Bluescreens after loading windows. System restore to 2 days ago has done nothing. Readying the CMOS has also wielded nothing. Would really appreciate help on this. I don't want to reinstal it
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I recommend booting into Safe Mode and then undoing that setting (disable the option).

To boot into Safe Mode, hold down F8 so that it overlaps the period of time between when the motherboard is almost done POSTING and is about to begin loading Windows.

After this, don't use msconfig anymore for permanent changes. It's actually just a tool to use for diagnosing problems, not for creating problems.
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I take it you can boot into safe mode and thats how you got your system restore working? If you haven't tried then go into safe mode and undo whatever you did.

and you bios is all set to default?
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Safe mode worked. I'll rep you all when I have it running back to normal. I love you OCN, I really do.
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