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Hi all,

I'm investigating the upgrade of an audio receiver I got from a Sony home theatre in a box. I'm looking to re-use all the speakers (for now), and just replacing the audio receiver to get a better amp along with more/better input/output options. I've started investigating my options, and I've specifically looked into the following two receivers (suggestions welcome!):
They both basically have enough inputs, however when I read their manuals they make it sound like you only configure a limited number of inputs to actually be switched to in an easy way. However, I have more inputs then these easily switched inputs. Thus, are you limited to only have a few inputs actually usable at a time without re-configuring the routing? Or do these types of receivers merely have a few easy to access buttons, and further options can be easily selected through an OSD?

I wouldn't mind the OSD for my less used equipment, but re-configuring is out of the question as the rest of my family will revolt if they have to do that.

More information on my setup:
  • Existing 5.1 speaker setup, with L/R @6 Ohms. Surround L/R, centre @ 3 Ohms, subwoofer being 1.5 Ohms. I assume I'll have to do something interesting for the sub, or just outright replace it. Either way, I'm not too worried about it. Surrounds/centre are also going to be ... interesting as well. L/R is not bi-amped.
  • Uses LG 1080p TV. I want to get a 4K capable receiver, so it is future proof.
  • Inputs:
    1. PS3 (HDMI)
    2. OUYA (HDMI)
    3. Cable box (HDMI)
    4. Blu-ray player (HDMI)
    5. Miracast receiver (HDMI)
    6. Laptop/Table hookup (HDMI)
    7. Wii (Component)
    8. VCR (Composite)
    9. Turntable (old old school, requires pre-amp)
    10. USB Video drive (USB) (Wiling to move this to the PS3/OUYA/Blu-ray player. Or moving to another computer as DLNA source.)
    11. iPod with broken headphone jack. Able to play from 30 pin.
  • Budget: Undecided. Preferably as cheap as possible, but I'm also an amateur audiophile so quality is appreciated and I'm willing to pay for it. Basically researching options. $2000 is limit, but prefer sub $1000, ~$500 better
  • Musically, I bounce around. System should handle everything thrown at it, including video games/tv/videos.
  • Purchasing will be done in Canada
  • If suggestions given, I'd prefer to have pre-outs for system upgrades.
  • Second zone support for analog audio/iPod is good.
  • Fine grained control over processing is appreciated. Especially having several bands of EQ available would be good, even better if the receiver starts out flat before tuning (manual or auto).
Thanks for your help.

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