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Accidently deleted start bar in Kubuntu, help?

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I was fooling around with widgets in kubuntu, and I deleted the start bar now I can only create widget panels but it's not functioning like the original start bar.

Sorry for being a n00b, any help?
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Try rebooting?
No go, I have a widget panel at the bottom but it's completely blank. And it doesn't show which windows I have open.
If it's the same as Ubuntu, right click on the new widget bar and click add to panel. There should be something (can't think of the name) that has all of the menus (such as applications, etc.) you are looking for.
Just click the widget icon on the task bar. And then click add widgets. You will probably want to add "Activity Bar", "Application Launcher" and a few other things. You can experiment and get it back to the way it was.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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