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I'm having trouble understanding

Assets = Liabilities + Stockholder's Equity
Here's the question:

How does receiving a bill to be paid next month for services rendered affect the accounting equation?
a. liabilities increase; stockholders' equity increases
b. liabilities increase; stockholders' equity decreases
c. assets decrease; stockholders' equity decreases
d. assets increase; liabilities increase
So from my understanding, If I were receiving a bill, I'd have my stockholder's equity decrease because I owe more now, and my assets would increase.

I know it cant be d because if I have an increase in liabilities I have to have an increase in my assets because I would be borrowing money to gain goods.

It can't be c because if I am paying a bill, my my assets would increase while my equity would decrease.

Now i'm stuck on liabilities and stockholder's equity

I am sooo
. Help greatly appreciated!

Since I owe more, my liabilities would obviously increase, which would mean my equity decreases?
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