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Acer 5110 laptop

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So, as the subject says
I have an Acer 5110 laptop and I'm using it now that I've officially sold this laptop (Presario C762NR) to my brother. The Compaq laptop still has six months of warranty left on it, so it's nicer that way.

Got some questions about it, but first lemme show off some specs

CPU-Z Validation - also see attached pic.

The questions are:

1. Why does my HWMonitor show such a difference in temps between the cores? My understanding of dual core systems is that they usually suffer a lot less from the asymmetric-readout problem than quads do.

2. I've found that every now and then the laptop will start up, but will not display anything. I've found this is a known issue with a lot of Acers but most people usually say they try reaching the BIOS config. In my case, however, I found that the first and second times this happened (whch are the only two so far) that all I had to do was drop the battery out for a sec, pop it back in, and then press the power button and voila, all would work.

Any suggestions, particularly on #2?

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#1: Apparently a lot of dual cores are seeing temperature differences. If you're really worried about it pop off the HSF and see if that may be the problem.

#2: Is it a recurring problem? Are you getting it regularly? I once had a display problem on my laptop, not exactly the same as not showing anything, but a reseat of the HDD fixed it, no idea why.

The problem is definitely reproducible. I had the laptop go into hibernate mode last night and when I powered it up the computer once again seemed stuck in some kind of POST loop. Dropped the battery, put it back in, fired it up and off it went to resume Windows.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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