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Acer Aspire 5750 vs Packard Bell EasyNote

  • Acer Aspire 5750

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  • Packard Bell EasyNote

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Ill start off with links to the 2 deals im considering;



Ignore the prices, they're irrelevant, the specs are very similar, ie same processor and graphics.
The difference is the 6gb ram vs 4gb ram and general aesthetics.
The packard bell gets better reviews from revoo but is slightly lowered spec'd.
The packard bell has slightly longer battery life.

I'll be purchasing one of these in 2 hours time so opinions will be greatly appreciated. (particularly from owners)

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Acer owns Packard Bell. They acquired them when they purchased gateway a couple of years ago.

If you were to break open the notebooks, you would find that both of them are identical. Given that, they will perform the same have the same warranty and most likely have the same battery life as well.

If you really need the extra 2gb of memory, for 10 dollars, it's not a bad deal.

In closing, just choose the one that appeals to you visually.

I like the gateway because of the chicklet keyboard.
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