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Acer Aspire 5935G Problem

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I recently bought an Acer Aspire 5935G (bout 4months back).

It has dual videocards, one intel onboard and another ATI 4570 for entry level gaming ( I play WoW on EU Servers and found it to be not a bad video card for WoW). You can switch from a video card to another true a button (Power smart)

Basically, I turned on the ATI video card to do some gaming and to my surprise the screen was showing some vertical lines ( really thin lines showing like artifacts flashing) I took the laptop back to the shop and a few days later I got a call saying it was the video card and another video card was ordered (under warranty of course). I took the laptop back home till the video card arrives, then they will give me a call to bring the laptop back in so it can be replaced.

So I switched on the laptop and used it for a while on the onboard videocard which at the time was not giving problems, and after a couple of houres, the problem started being displayed on the onboard video card, now i understand a bit on computers as i am an entuisaist myself. Before I call them up next monday and speaking with the technician who worked on it ( who fortunatley I know as i used to work there myself (at the shop )). I am wondering what you might be thinking the problem is, my guess is the mainboard as it is displaying the same problem on both video cards, I checked the cables between the monitor and the mainboard and both are good, and the technician checked them himself.

I was thinking of requesting another laptop as if it is a mainboard problem, which it most probably is, I as a customer would not like a brand new laptop with the mainboard changed just after 4 months.

What is your opinion? Thanks
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Problem with the onboard *and* the add-in card eh? I'd probably start troubleshooting and see if it's a heat issue. If you don't mind, run the laptop with a good notebook cooling pad and see if it helps.

Or put the laptop in front of a couple of desktop / tower fans and run it that way, with sufficient space underneath the system (i.e. elevate the laptop on the sides so that you can stick your hand underneath the system).

Anyways, that's what I'd try first...
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