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Hey everyone,
I have an ACER Aspire Revo AR1600-U910H which I am using with Ubuntu 10 for XBMC.

I have already upgraded the RAM from the stock 1GB to 2GB of DDR2-800 PC2-6400 by adding an extra 1GB stick.

I am wondering if 2 sticks of 2GB memory will make a difference to the way XBMC operates? Sometimes in menus it can bog down a bit when you have coverflow happening and lots of movies on the screen and every once in a while (not often) it appears to lag in movies a bit with some screen tearing.

Any ideas if this upgrade is worth it or is it the GPU/CPU on this nettop that is bottlenecking the system and would I just be throwing my money away?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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