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What's up OCN?

I recently purchased an Acer G257HU smidpx 25" 1440p display. I'm driving it with a Galax GTX 980 HOF over display port.

Two weeks ago, there were some high winds and the power flickered in and out for around 5 seconds. My monitor responded by also flickering, but in a strange way. It would shut off, flick back on momentarily, and then shut off again. In other words, it was off for much longer than it was on (maybe about 1 sec off, 1-2 frames on). This continued even after the power stabilized; it was only resolved by power cycling the monitor. About 5 days later, it happened again. This time however, it wasn't spurred on by an external power issue. It seemed to occur randomly. Once again, a power cycle calmed it down. It has happened 3 times like this since the initial event.

Also of note: both my monitor and computer are plugged into the same surge protector. For each occurrence, my computer experienced no noticeable issues, and the whole system behaved normally after a monitor power cycle.

My research into this leads me to believe I'm dealing with faulty capacitors and/or damaged circuitry in the monitor. This was most likely caused by the stress put on the display from that initial power incident. It could also be the power cable, as it includes an ac/dc converter wart that may have been damaged as well. But, my experience with this stuff only goes so far.

Now, my concern here is two-fold. This issue coincided with overclocking my GPU (including some minor over-volting). Logic dictates that because the problem is [temporarily] resolved after a monitor power cycle, that my GPU is not to blame. Paranoia, on the other hand, tells me that it might be.

So I ask you, the OCN community. What am I dealing with here? Am I on the right track? Am I just, like, not at all? Any and all insight would be greatly appreciated.
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