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Acer Nitro XV282KKV Issues, any ideas?

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Heyo, I just got this monitor used off of ebay and Im kinda having problems with it, for starters ebay sided with the seller so im not getting my money back.
The whole panel has this scan line issue, its got horizontal lines on the darker colors all over the screen.
Ive already ruled out cables, as the issue is already there even when no display cable is connected, so on the menu itself its already doing these scan lines.

Then there's another issue, when I start the PC in the morning like 90% of the time i get this vertical stripe of either red, green or blue across the screen on the right side.
Pressing on the bezels solves this for a while, but it always returns.

That second problem apparently is common with this model, as I've found multiple people with the same problem.
However im still looking for a solution to the first problem, maybe power supply related?

Very hard to take pictures off, by the way, sorry about that.
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