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Acer or Asus?

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So I'm thinking of getting either:


Which one should I get? I mean, I guess the Acer has a better contrast ratio, but the Asus monitor has a 2ms response time and is aesthetically better looking.

I'm not going to get any monitor that's larger than 21.5" since my desk wouldn't fit it.
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My stepdad has that acer. its pretty good, but has that viewing angle problem where it kinda looks bad looking at it anywhere except straight. not much of a problem unless you move a lot.

Also, having a 2ms delay time compared to the 5ms delay time isn't really all that noticable. some inexpensive 2ms monitors tend to have ghosting effects i hear.
The Acer is a better value, go with that.
i have that asus and i would highly recommend! my friend has one as well and agrees lol i mean it looks good, it doesnt give me any problems so idk what else you could ask for in a monitor.... good viewing angle
The Acer doesn't have a better contrast ratio, they just measure differently.

The Asus is probably better, its certainly going to be better in terms of build quality. Neither is particularly good though.
Acer are usually cheaper, but ASUS usually have better quality.

Coming from a guys with an ASUS notebook and 2x monitors, as well as an ACER netbook.
Asus do indeed make high quality products,so id go with that.
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