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Acer X193W Monitor Flickering/Buzzing Help

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I've got an Acer X193W 19" LCD, and suddenly it started making a soft high pitched buzzing noise. After a few minutes, it started flickering, and shut off.

Now when I push the power button, there is a noise I've never heard of, almost like the sound of air from a case fan, but it's deeper, and the screen flickers, and shuts off.

Is this a power supply problem? I've tried two different power cords, and have also tried plugging into another outlet, and still does it.

I'm thinking it has something to do with the monitor's power supply.

Does anybody know what I can do, or do I need to buy a new monitor now?
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sounds fried contact acer unless youve already had it open i have the same monitor i think is it the excel series?
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