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Disclaimer - I was given the mouse by the company to write a review, but that's after buying the mouse for the first time and accidentally damaging a part of it during the weight process removal. Luckily, they gave me a second copy without any weight installed to re-write a review I wrote in the past for it.

Opening -

Budget gaming mice out there often have bad reputation - They usually have gimmicky design, poor
build quality and trash implemented sensors. The ACGAM G402 I found online and tested seems to be a hidden gem in the budget mice category, and in this review I'll try to explain why.

Ergonomics -

Measurements from the mouse page claims the mouse is 12.1 cm in length, 7.3 cm in width and 4.10 cm in height. Putting it into the medium mouse category.

Due to the mouse being slightly short, I found it to be optimal for claw / fingertip grip styles.
My hands are 18.5cmx9.5cm and I am actually a palm gripper, I do hold it in Palm Grip but I found it that my hand fits but barely, with my fingers slightly passing the edge of the main buttons. If I arch my fingers or slightly push my hand back to a non aggressive palm postion, it's usable, but still it's not really made for palm grippers, unless your hand is shorter than mine.

The left side of the mouse features a wing to rest your thumb as shown here - https://i.imgur.com/Lp4FnXx.jpg
Personally I can say I don't mind having a wing as I dislike having my thumb rubbing on the pad and the wing helps at not having that.

The side grip is made out of rough textured plastic which for me is a big plus, it's durable and won't wear off like rubber grips can. Combine that with how the side is curved to assist with picking, I found the mouse to be very grippy and haven't lost grip even after my hand sweat after playing for a while.

Right side features 2 places to rest your pinky and ring fingers - https://i.imgur.com/g0eMDTU.jpg

Even though it's not the usual design I can say it's working on my hand well, my fingers goes into the desired resting positions and stay comfortably there. The side also features a small wing for the pinky and rough plastic to assist with grip.

From a top angle the mouse looks like this - https://i.imgur.com/Mg9OZK9g.jpg

The coating is a smooth ABS Plastic material, nothing fancy, however nothing bad either. It's durable and you won't see any fingerprints marks or wears on it. I own the first copy of the mouse for months and it still looks like new, which is why I am very glad.

Build Quality -

Despite it's low price, I was surprised to found out the mouse had a better build quality than $60 mice I tested.

First of all the mouse has 0 rattle, despite how fast I shook it, it remained dead silent.

The main buttons are marketed as omron switches and are quite good, coming from SS Rival clicks the buttons are lighter and required me to get used to them to prevent accidental clicks, they aren't insanely light like the g203 but they aren't that stiff either, I'd say medium force. They barely have pre-travel and got snappy feeling to them, which is a good thing.

Side buttons got more of a 'plastic' feel for them, however they don't have much travel, perfectly usable in-game and when internet browsing.

Scroll wheel is rubber and has defined steps, it's not really tall and it isn't that light to press, medium force again.

The mouse has a DPI button which is out of the way and works well, it also has an additional button on the bottom of the mouse which is used to cycle between profiles the mouse has (Will expand on that later) - https://i.imgur.com/5OgsFWv.jpg

The mouse has multiple feet around his sides which glide well, they put small plastic layers on them for protection, you can either keep those on or remove them with your nails by scratching them off

And finally the cable, as you can see by the pictures it's braided, while it's slightly thicker than the normal rubber it's not really stiff, worked well with my bungee and I can report it didn't distract me in-game.
The problem I had with the cable is how they packed it, they pack it by looping the cable around itself and holding it with some scotch tape, which makes the cable have lots of kinks out of the box. I recommend stretching the cable or hanging it, after I done that I had no issues and it moved freely on my pad and desk.

Sensor -

The mouse features the PMW 3325 from Pixart and ACGAM claims the DPI can be set up to 10,000 DPI. the native max DPI for the PMW 3325 is 5000 DPI which is why I suspect they played with the hardware or something to increase the dots per inch the mouse can track. I'll let you guys decide as I am not a sensor expert.

About myself, I am a low sens player and my main DPI is 400. I mainly play Overwatch and Fortnite and in Overwatch I use 8 sens and in Fortnite I use 0.15.

Moving on, the best summary I can give to the sensor is that it felt like an upgraded PMW 3310. It had a similar smoothing but I couldn't make the mouse spin off by swiping the fastest I can. The mouse tracked nicely and it held my flicks well, which is why I am glad. I feel like ACGAM made a good implementation here, while I haven't done any scientific tests I based my opinion on the sensor on how I felt using it in-game compared to other sensors I used, which is still quite important.
I tested lots of sensors and some of them are the 3310, 3360, mercury sensor, 3389 and the truemove 3. The newer 3360 variants had snappier feeling to them but I could still play well with my old 3310 as well. Maybe it's a firmware issue but when I spun my Rival extremely fast it lost tracking, The PMW 3325 didn't despite having lower IPS speed.

I didn't have any LOD issues, the cursor slightly jitters upon lifting the mouse but I usually re-adjust quickly.
I don't have any CD disks at home to test this but some users claim the PMW 3325 have higher LOD than usual, it hasn't bothered me though.

Weight -

Out of the box, the mouse weight is 110g (based on my scale), after unscrewing some screws and removing the internal weight it dropped to 85g which is fairly light. I don't know why they thought it's a smart thing to include a 25g weight but I can at least say the weight removal is quite easy *if done right*. I recommend doing that with the blow dryer trick, blowing hot air on the feet to melt the adhesive so you can easily peel them off using your fingers nails. After that you can unscrew the small screws with Phillips screwdriver and open the back of the mouse, there you'll see the weight ready to get removed as well.
After you done removing it you can just put the plate of the mouse back and screw the small screws. Once done that you just stick the feet back to each and his own place and you're ready to go.

Software -

So here's an interesting thing, ACGAM decided to include a driver software for the mouse! The mouse is packed with a small CD disk to install the software, but if you are not into that you can also install it straight from their website. The software weights around 9mb, which is nothing, and settings done on it stay on the on-board memory of the mouse, even after closing the driver progrma.

After opening the software you'll see this - https://i.imgur.com/ETugWQA.png?1

The mouse is set to 500 Hertz by defualt, make sure to set it to 1000hz to increase responsiveness of the sensor.

As you can see in the general tab there are lots of options you can customize in the mouse like macros and pointer, scroll and double click speed if you want to set them to your liking.

The mouse also features 5 profiles that and you can set each to be different with his own customized settings. You can cycle between each one with the profile button under the mouse I showed earlier or with the program. So if you want to have different profile for each game or for different tasks it's possible.

Moving on the mouse also has a DPI Tab (https://i.imgur.com/RrKb8UF.png?1), there you can set 5 stages of DPI to whatever you like, I personally prefer have only 2 stages, 400 DPI for normal use and 1800 when I sometimes use my wrist to browse the web.

The third tab is the Lighting tab (https://i.imgur.com/fMVCcpQ.png?1), ACGAM gave lots of options to modify the RGB lights the mouse have. You can have them on breathing, Rainbow, Full lighted or Color Wave Cycle. You can also adjust the brightness and speed of each mode.

And the last tab is just 'info' about the firmware, model of the mouse and such.

Conclusion -

After using the mouse for some months with my first copy and also trying the second copy which arrived yesterday. Can I recommend the mouse? Obviously yes, despite the ridiculous price the mouse is packed with tons of useful features with it's software, got a decent sensor and amazing build quality that even beat some $60 mouse I owned. (Looking at you, Steelseries and Razer)

The shape of it is personal preference, if you think you'll like it, go for it.
Personally I found it pretty comfortable with only wishing it would be slightly longer to appeal more to palm grip users. Oh well, ACGAM can always make a second version in the future.

I can see huge potential from ACGAM for driving competition in the market with this great product and hoping they'll continue to deliver other good mice with maybe more natural shapes. (Mouse shaped like the EC2-A from them would be amazing)

Thanks for reading.

Buying Page - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/ACG...000-DPI-OMRON-Gaming-Switch/32838212445.html? (Can be also bought in Amazon but price has not been consistent there)
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