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[AcidMods] Truth about KingMike and the ShopUSA store

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Fact. King Mike and the SHOPUSA has had more then 50 orders in Process to date, some of which are three months old.
That means he has collected money from people and did not ship them anything or refund their money.

Fact. King Mike is supposed to give a percentage of every sale to AcidMods.com which is then used to help our community grow that’s you reading this message!

In the past Mike has been late to giving this money to AcidMods and at times the Admins of the site have
prevented Mike from receiving orders in the store just to get his attention. However Mike has not paid AcidMods in
a long time to date. When pressed about it he would ignore ANY communication. Now that we are closing the store
down he is ready to pay, too late dude.

Fact. The December mod off, King Mike was nice enough to donate the grand prize.

To the best of my knowledge the winner has not received that prize. According to my sources King Mike says it
was lost in the mail twice, really? I guess it could happen but why would Mike stop communicating with the winner?
To this day still no prize too.

Source - http://www.acidmods.com/forum/index.php?topic=28815.0
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I'm sorry but thats just sad. Obviously if hes doing that there was something going on. They should have taken action sooner instead of letting it get this bad. >_O Whoops!
50 orders? That is a lot of mods for one guy to turn out in a timely fashion. Somebody should have pulled the plug a lot quicker. This guy is the Bernie Madoff of the modding world.
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