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ACPI BIOS option

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Now, I'm not enitirely sure what "ACPI" is to begin with, or what its functions are -- pertaining to Power Management in BIOS, but it gives me the choice to set 'ACPI' to v1.0, v2.0, or v3.0.

Which version is best / should it be on? Will this have any impact on overclocking? Thanks.
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Daibolical999, in the most simple terms ACPI is a BIOS option which helps define specific parameters of the power management schemes for the OS. Among other things, this helps set Sleep and Hibernate modes available to the OS when you first install it on a system.

This is mostly important if you want to set your system to do certain things when it enters power saving modes. For example, in WinXP, on some motherboards/BIOSes, if you want proper, trouble-free use of Hibernation mode, you select S1 only. On two motherboards I own/used to own, if I selected anything else other than S1, the system would enter Hibernate overclocked, then upon resumption would revert its clock speed to the default/stock frequency (the reference clock/HT clock/"FSB" would return to 200MHz). All other BIOS settings (RAM dividers, HTT multiplier, etc.) would be in their non-stock/overclock configurations.

Your motherboard's manual should define for you what the different ACPI versions do as far as what power saving mechanisms they control.

Hope this helps, and good luck.
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