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We all know that BenQ Zowie's site shows dimensions for all its mice. However, concerning grip width, it is not apparent where exactly the mouse was measured---buttons, bottom, at an intermediate positions.

Among the Zowie mice I have, the most similar to S1 is FK2. The declared grip width is 58 mm. Thus, I made a few measurements to get an idea about the approximate position they might have used, and I found that a good candidate would be the mid point between the side buttons and the bottom plate.

Could someone measure the width at the analogous position of the Divina S1 with a caliper?

I am aware that some YT reviews did show measurements of the S1 at that position. However, for example, RJN apparently measured the width at a position that seems very close, but read a very different value (57.5 rounded) than the one Zowie declared, 61. It's hard to judge watching the video though, so I don't know what to conclude.
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