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So here is going to be my setup in a week or so
Core i7 920
Asus P6T Deluxe
PNY 8800GTS w/ EK full cover block
d5 Vario
7/16" ID Masterkleer
EK 250 res

Eventually I plan on getting a GTX 260 which I will watercool.
I am wondering, as of now, would I see a benefit in adding a MCR220QP into the loop.
So pump-mcr320-cpu-mcr220-gpu-res-pump
or would it be fine like this

I will most likely get a 220 rad when I get my GTX 260, but is it worth it now? I guess it would be nice to already have the rad in the loop when I add in the gtx 260.

also please don't suggest that I get a 480gtx or a feser 360 or something because I don't wanna spend that much. I am putting this in a tagan black pearl adn the mcr320 is gonna be on the bottom, but the top has a spot for a 220 rad so it would fit nicely there. I would put the rad on the outside and then the fans on the inside also. i wont have any cards there so it wont be blocking anything.

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Like a poster before me said, if you add a MCR220 to your loop your temps will be cooler. I think a D5 can handle it, I don't have definite proof because I've never had a D5. ATM I use MCP350's and I know they're strong enough because I've used them with a 120 rad + a 220 rad. I would just get the rad for the unheard of low price of $25 bucks and resell it, I don't think you'd be loosing anything but maybe a little time

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