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With the HAF X i plan to buy very shortly, I want to add a fan into the drive bay above the front fan for a bit of extra cooling (and the looks as well!

After coming across this thread here, I thought it would look pretty sweet to have that sitting in the front of my case, although blue... Generic colour I know, but hey, it's my favourite!

I was already planning on using two GT's in a push pull H50 config, so I thought I may as well grab another for this mod as its size makes it perfect for the front as well.

Following the thread from the link above, I (what i believe to be) successfully modded a Gentle Typhoon 1850rpm fan



The top image is what it would look like if it were exhaust, and bottom is intake (which i believe looks sweeeeet!)

Things to note:
  • This took me and my mate a good 6 hours. While we weren't working flat out and were taking it pretty cruisey, its still a time consuming job.
  • Having a mate to help was a massive advantage, especially for the next dot point -
  • Must be careful when drilling the holes not to drill through the outer plastic and use so much pressure that you drill into the fan blade once the drill goes though. We did score the blades a few times, though nothing thats made me think of it as a disaster
  • Annnnnddddd i think thats it!

Anyways, just thought I'd show you all it how it turned out!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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