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Adding another harddrive

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I have a question about adding a 3rd harddrive. I already have 2 harddrives in my computer connected to one IDE cable. The other IDE cable is connected to my 2 dvd/cd drives so I cant add any other IDE devices (am i right?). So I was wondering how I could add another internal harddrive. Could I buy and install SATA harddrive and use that for extra storage? I really dont want to buy an external harddrive because they're more expensive than an internal one. I also dont like backing up my data on CDs because I end up losing the cd or damaging it. Alot of the stuff I use often so it would be nice if i could just access it on another harddrive quickly. So if anyone could tell me if adding a SATA harddrive for extra storage would work with the IDE harddrives would be great.

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Get yourself a 500gb harddrive and replace your 80gb, or if you have SATA on your board you can buy some sata drives.
Sata will work alongside IDE.
If you want to continue to use IDE or add RAID (if you dont have onboard) you could always buy a PCI/PCI-E controller card.

Originally Posted by claymanhb

Sata will work alongside IDE.

Thanks for the comfimation.

I just need like an 80gb harddrive, it'll last me a very long time. Don't really want to shell out for a 500gb harddrive, gotta pay for some other junk and can only afford an 80gb and is all I need. I'm pretty sure my mobo has onboard SATA so things should work out. Thanks guys.
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Well, I checked, your mobo is listed as having 2 SATA 1 connections, and able to handle RAID 0 and RAID 1 (you may still have to install drivers for these, best to check the manufacturer website for those).

Seagate 120GB SATA $85.00

Seagate 80GB SATA $59.00
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