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admin rights install

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Hi Guys,

I had a question. I wanted to install Adobe Photoshop CS on my laptop at work.

I cannot install it If I dont have admin rights though..

Is there a way I can bypass this and get it installed. I ran it by my director and they tell me they dont have a business need to get it installed so they wont purchase a license. I have my own license and would like to use it for some work.

Any ideas if this can be done. I just want a good graphic editor similar to photoshop that I can install and use.

I asked on another forum and they say they wont tell me cuz its bad...bunch of stupid goodie goodies!

Appreciate the help.
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thnx for the info guys.

I am working on a website to upload new standards for our tech infrastructure group.. the image editing program they gave me is a joke..
I am a web designer so I am pro with photoshop.. but it doesnt seem to make a difference..

As for the support mess.. that is also true. Our policy is, if an app is installed that is not officially supported by the tech team, then you will no longer be eligible to call in for tech support if you have any issues... unless you go back and re image the entire system with thier standard image. I understand that.. and am willing to take the risk. For some people I understand this may be a risk... but I once worked on the tech team (2nd level support analyst) and Im pretty sure I know what to do if things mess up..

Edit: I tried to PM you Frup, but I get an error..
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