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admin rights install

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Hi Guys,

I had a question. I wanted to install Adobe Photoshop CS on my laptop at work.

I cannot install it If I dont have admin rights though..

Is there a way I can bypass this and get it installed. I ran it by my director and they tell me they dont have a business need to get it installed so they wont purchase a license. I have my own license and would like to use it for some work.

Any ideas if this can be done. I just want a good graphic editor similar to photoshop that I can install and use.

I asked on another forum and they say they wont tell me cuz its bad...bunch of stupid goodie goodies!

Appreciate the help.
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Since u have a licence and everything then ims ure they may do this one thing, open ur install cd if u have one(or the folder the installer is in) and right click on the steup.exe file, then select "Run As" then just ask if one of them will type in the administrator password so u can install it and then just run the setup as normal...

If they still wont do it then PM me and we will talk some ways over
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