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admin rights install

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Hi Guys,

I had a question. I wanted to install Adobe Photoshop CS on my laptop at work.

I cannot install it If I dont have admin rights though..

Is there a way I can bypass this and get it installed. I ran it by my director and they tell me they dont have a business need to get it installed so they wont purchase a license. I have my own license and would like to use it for some work.

Any ideas if this can be done. I just want a good graphic editor similar to photoshop that I can install and use.

I asked on another forum and they say they wont tell me cuz its bad...bunch of stupid goodie goodies!

Appreciate the help.
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As a Tech on a large Network I can sincerely state the reason they wont install it is because it hasnt been vetted/tested. We spent 12 months setting up a stable working SOE and will be buggered if we let a User balk it up. Most networks are the same.


Originally Posted by rza

For some people I understand this may be a risk... but I once worked on the tech team (2nd level support analyst) and Im pretty sure I know what to do if things mess up..

No offence - but if you'd worked 2nd Level you wouldnt be asking this question....

You also wouldnt be 'Pretty Sure' because you'd actually know 100% what to do....

If you'd worked 2nd level you'd know that if you bypass Group Policy and install the software - you cant bypass Group Policy well enough to fix it if it screws up....

If you'd worked 2nd Level you'd understand why 'Users' have 'User Rights' - so they cant do what you want to do and create unecessary work....

As a normal Computer user you'd also understand the License may be legit but..... You only have one - if you get it on your work machine and then happen to also install it at home or on a friends machine you are in violation of the License agreement - and so is your place of work.
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