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Sory for new topic and if its in wrong forum section (Please transfer).
Test of ADNS 9800 in TTLevel 10M
if you look at the name of the movie you will see on what pad test was performed (Icemat 2nd, qpad xtr and roccat taito).
Tests performed on the tool guarantees movement of the same length in both directions

Acc is the same as 9500
in glass sensor in fast moove drop some pixels so acc was close to 0 (acc positive - acc negatiive ~~0)
in plastics we see some acc positive
and in cloth we can see big acc positive.

Jitter 9500 vs 9800 on Taito

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 100

In high dpi on Taito jitter on 9800 is much lower (move is smoother) then 9500 but there is no prediction :>

During the practical test was one problem, which was not in the earlier version of the sensor (9500). Namely, the rapid movement of the mouse to the side and a pick up, the cursor moves on the screen even up to a few pixels. In order to confirm the test done repeatedly on other mice.
It can be described on the example of the car:
optical mouse ADNS-3080 high LOD in the rapid increase and pick up - the cursor stops right away. Just like speeding car hitting a wall.
Level 10M TT ADNS-9800 to set average LOD (lower than the above mice) during a sudden pick up-cursor behaves like a car that brakes and stopped after a few meters. With a higher LOD problem is slightly larger.
However, if the players are high sense and do not raise your mouse while playing this anomaly occurring should not matter.

sory for bad english

All pictures and videos are my property.
You can copy

in future i put test other new sensor

edit because comment video

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Originally Posted by smog11 View Post

q3 arena
without, but I did not see a difference in q3a when I installed rawinput, and in CS with start comand result was the same

"very bad accel" its mean? negative or positive?

I don't know why, but I tried all the in_mouse commands in Q3 and none worked properly. That was a long time ago though, because I quickly found the rawinput exe and never looked back. Maybe there are other ways around that, idk.

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So since my Roccat kone xtd uses the same sensor (tweaked as they call it), the best pad for it seems to be an Icemat? I always wanted one but finding it is impossible.
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