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Feel free to post questions in here abotu the following apps:

1. Adobe Premiere 6.5 or Pro
2. Adobe After Effects

Other programs that i have not mastered yet but know alot about are:

1. Adobe Audition
2. Adobe Encore DVD
3. Adobe Photoshop (multiple versions)

Please feel free to post any questions at all you have about those 5 programs listed above.

(moderators, if you think this thread is for good cause, feel free to make it a sticky)

Here is a breif discription of what each piece of software does:

1. Adobe Premiere (Pro):

Premiere Pro (or V7.0) is the easiest, best and most powerful out of the Premiere range. It is a totally redesigned app compared to the older version (V6.5 and below).

Incase you are unsure of what it is used for, i will tell you. It is a professional editing app that many professionals use and is optimized for DV but can also operate with HDV and HDTV quality video. It is extremely powerful and can allow you to make anything you see on the TV (aslong as your have some nice video clips and you have the right ideas).

2. Adobe After Effects (V6.5):

After Effects does just what it's name tells you, it deals with video sequences and clips from raw sources on your Hard disk, to projects from Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Encore DVD. It's main purpose is for animation and effects. I made both my animated desktops with this app with the help of photoshop aswell.

Very useful and extremely power program but takes some time to get use too.

3. Adobe Photoshop (CS 8.0):

Photoshop is the most comman program as it is used by professionals and everyday people and is very powerful and can be very user friendly at the same time.

Photoshop is desgned for professional image editing, for photo and graphic editing, to making your own images and designs. It is very fun and very useful.

4. Adobe Audition (V1.0+)

Adobe audition is a new adition to the line up of Adobe software. It is adobes own audio editer and mixer. It inludes professional tools and has the power to create music, sound effects, audio effects and mixdowns that allow you to create your own audio master pieces. From your everyday fade In & Outs, to your Audio mixing to put together songs and combine beats and sounds.

This is a very good program and can produce any thing you want, aswell as 5.1 -7.1 surround sound mixing. A handy feature in this is the ability to import video and edit audio trakcs of the video clips and exporting the audio while full preserving the picture quality .Very powerful and very nice piece of software.

5. Adobe Encore DVD:

This is again, another very powerful piece of software. Adobe have covered just about every aspect of digital media from web, graphics, video, music and animation.

Encore DVD is the offcoruse, adobes DVD Authorer. It can produce menu's that you see on any DVD at your Video shop tp DVD store.

Create unique menu's by importing buttons, aqnimations and video form Any of the above apps aswell as raw materials. It will convert and transcode all your video clips along with the custom menu's. Like All adobe products, very powerful.

I hope thats given you a brief explanation of each piece of software.

Again, this thread is for people to ask questions about the above programs so dont hesitate to ask as a will answer all your questions.
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