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Been doing alot of reading on here about laptops and have learned alot. Used this forum to build the rig in my sig. Read the thread by Imglidinhere on Gaming Laptops and got some good info. Figured I'd still make a thread for anything I may have missed.

Basically heres what im looking for. I travel almost every weekend for drag racing up and down the east coast. I drive for Team ATF Speed out of Fort Lauderdale. I also started my own media company this year after breaking off from Nyce1s after 3 years. After this past weekend in Georgia for an event and attempting to use my gf's laptop to edit some video in between rounds and failing I decided I need a new laptop. I sue a Sony NX5U for recording and use the Adobe Master Collection CS5.5 for everything editing wise. Premeire/After Effects/PS/Encore etc etc. That is 95% of what I will be using this laptop for. I figure if it can handle that then the rest will be no problem. Ill fill out the form either way for specs and details on what im looking for.

Thanks in advance for any and all help on this.

What is your maximum budget?
Max I can go to is around $1000 USD
What country are you in?
USA, South Florida
What will be the uses of this laptop?
95% Adobe Premiere Pro video editing HD videos
Do you have brand loyalty or care which brands we select for you?
No Apple. Have had bad experiences with Dell and HP so I would like to stay away from them. Would consider HP possibly, but no Dell. Other than that open to any brand really as long as they are reliable.
What screen size do you require?
17' is preferred. No smaller than 15"
What screen resolution do you require?
Anything 1080p would be preferred.
Are you looking to buy NEW or would refurbished/recertified/used be okay?
Definitely looking for new.
How long should the battery last? (Under optimal conditions, no movies/games/heavy internet)
Honestly not worried about it seeming as most of the time I am plugged in anyways. Not sure ANY battery out there would be long enough to edit videos and render.
What games would you like to play with your laptop? And on what settings?
Dont game at all.
What operating system do you need? (if any)
Windows 7 64bit Ultimate is what i Use on my home rig. Havent used Windows 8 yet and dont feel like using that yet.
Is there a certain style of laptop you want? (aluminum, black, gaming, etc.)
No preference
How much hard drive space do you need?
The more the better. Im sure I can upgrade this later down the road if need be. Minimum I would think would be 500gb. Also looking for 7200rpm drives if possible.
Do you need any special hardware? (blue ray, webcam, specialty ports, etc.)
None that I can think of.

Is there anything else we need to know?
Not 100% sure on whats out new wise as far as CPU's for laptops. I have an i5 Sandy Bridge in the home rig and it works flawless. So hopefully something along those lines.

Also SPEED SPEED SPEED SPEED. Would prefer 8gb Ram or higher.

Also would like in the future the ability to upgrade if possible.

Im very open to suggestions and am willing to research things that are brought up and suggested. Not looking for someone to just point and say buy this and be done with it. I like to learn and pick up very quickly lol.


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they have live sales chat and support there too.

seems to fit the bill. I know its a gaming laptop sort of but not in looks, its plain and business like. You do get a lot of performance with them. Its fully upgradable with more discs, memory or even a gpu swap (not that it needs one) they run cool and aren't too noisy, the keyboard is backlit for those late night also.

with the faster GPU you should be able to handle video compression and conversion quicker.

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never thought about the sharp non beveled edges. makes sense though. and ive always looked at gaming rigs and laptops cause i know how demanding they are on a system. meaning i wont have any performance flaws when multitasking with my video editing.

that sager is a lil more than i wanted to spend. but damn it has everything i think i would need with the speed and HD video. is exoticpc.com a good site to order from?

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a little over a year later lets see if i can get any new help on this subject. ended up using one of my fathers old acer laptops last season and it got me by with no hiccups. well it died about 2 weeks ago. so im looking again. remebered this thread and figured why not give it a bump. the form in post #1 is still pretty dead on accurate.

thanks in advance.

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I know it is over the budget, but you do not have to pay tax (you must request it in the comment section when purchasing) and the upgrade potential is very great. I am a video editor myself, and this is an inexpensive dream for the cost. Two HDD ports, two mSata ports, and the external ports are great. It already comes with a 7200RPM drive as well, which is crucial. Three 3.0 USBs, 1x2.0 USB, eSata, firewire, and you still got a DVD/Blu Ray drive that can also be expanded to another HDD port in the future if necessary. The laptop has a good 1080p matte screen installed, and the GTX860m with 4GB of vRam will service you very well for video editing (if you can upgrade higher though, always a plus). For $35 more dollars you also get the i7-4810MQ CPU as well, which will add a good ton of rendering speed and is a must upgrade for that price. I don't think there is another laptop in the market for the price, performance, upgrading potential, and excellent selection of ports. If it doesn't work for you, I can try to find another one.
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