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I Currently have my 7750be overclocked at 3.2 ghz stable. In my bios there is a section called "Advanced Voltage Settings" with the following listed:

(1) CPU/Chipset Voltage - 1.20v (option of 0.5 increments)

(2) Chipset Core Voltage - 1.40v (option of 1.50v and 1.60v)

Normally when overclocking my cpu or ram I would change FSB / Multiplier / CPU Voltage / DDR2 Voltage.

Current setup 230 x 14 = 3220 (3.2ghz)
CPU Voltage 1.3875 and DDR2 Voltage 2.1v = 4-4-4-15 920mhz.

I have searched to find the details on the above two voltage types, but so far dont know if they might further aid my overall CPU Overclock. Has anyone changed these options before? Motherboard - Asus M2N Sli Deluxe.
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