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I want to buy a new monitor and can't decide which one to buy.

I'm going to use the monitor to work mostly with text (programming, internet, reading) and occasionally for gaming (fps/rts). 99% of the time, im going to use the monitor from close range on a perpendicular angle. I don't care about options like incorporated speakers, hdmi, vga.

I'm oscillating between Samsung 2494HM and Asus VW246H. I like the fact that the Samsung has a pretty nice stand, but I'm almost sure I won't get it from the website I want to buy it from (I sent an email to ask what stand it has, no answer yet tho). Anyway, the stand is totally meaningless in my decision, so without taking that into consideration which monitor would you choose between these two ?

I would like to get advice from people who actually own these monitors, but if you think you know what you're saying, please do so, and be as concise and give a reason for your opinion.

And one more thing.. if anyone owns Benq V2410 (or V2400, they are identical) please tell me if it's any good, and also if you want to recommend something else do so.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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