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Advice on new Pump and CPU Water Block

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Thinking of upgrading to Core i7 in the next couple of months and want to replace my current pump (P500) and CPU Waterblock.I am using 3/8 tubing currently
I am leaning towards swifttech at the moment
Thanks for replies!
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Swiftech is good, danger den, Black Ice Xtreme rads and stuff. Stick with a a good name or it could cost you your PC. Couple of those items in the for sale section, including *ahem* MY for sale thread. Not namedropping or anything tho....either way good luck!
Swiftech is definitely the way to go in my opinion. I have the switech apogee XT waterblock on my i7 920 and it is fantastic.
I only have a swiftech block for my GPU, although the pump is also swiftech 655 (ok ok rebranded Laing
). They both work great IMO
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popular ones are the:
Swiftech Apogee XT <-- Supposed to be big dick for the time being
Heatkiller 3.0 Cu/LT/LC <-- The last favorite before XT came out, still performs very close though
Enzotech Sapphire <-- hands down best bang for buck

all of these are really going to give you similar performance maybe a degree or 2 difference. imo these are close enough to base decision on price and/or looks.

Check dis
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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