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Advice on upgrade

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Would it be a bad choice if I choose a 939 cpu right now and keep it for about two years before the next big upgrade ?

I want to get a 3800+ or 4000+, a Crossfire or SLI mobo, 2Gb of ram and a Raptor 150Gb.
I may get a x1800xt CF or two 7800GT or something else I still don't know.

I'm considering the AM2 and Conroe from Intel but since this will be new technology, I'm more bias toward the 939 with a proven chipset.

Thanks for your help.
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Remonster makes some good points--as 939 is on the way out future-proofing your PC is out of the question, but having a decent 939 build is not.

I have to agree that single core is dead--even my HT is pretty lame compared to the X2--the FX60 is the uber chip (but what a wad of green that'll take to own)--so if it's AMD you want go for it--waiting for new tech is a pain for those of us with instant gratification issues...
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