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advice please

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guys im going to new yersey next friday so i would like to buy another card , does it worth the upgrade or i can stay with this card for more long?

advices please
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depends, do you game or do anything graphics intensive?

Originally Posted by Ghostcracker View Post
i was thinking in the xfx 4870
That my friend is a good card or you can spend a little more and get the 4890 both great cards though.
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Do you play games a lot, and are they newer games? If they are depending on what game you play a 4870 would be a good price per performance.
I also vote for the 4870, and XFX for quality service and the double lifetime warranty.
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SAPPHIRE Radeon 4870 1GB

All you need, cool and quiet.
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Is see that your monitor is only 17"... With low res i guess your overclocked 9800gt can still handle all new games in very high settings except crysis. So i'd hold out til the new cards come is i were you, but if you can't the 4870 is a pretty good upgrade.
8800GT is already overkill for your monitor. if you got money to burn, go buy a larger display instead and wait for new cards to come out that are right around the corner.
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