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I am looking for a portable device to watch films while on the go. My current portable player, the Hauppauge myTV, is very picky and does not play many of the common formats, besides straight avi or mp3. I also often have the problem that it accepts the video but does not play the audio or vice versa. But most of the time the whole file is just "not supported".

It is quite frustrating, because I have a lot of stuff I want to watch but because of my studies I am mostly at my uni and hardly at home and what spare time I have I spend working to finance my life as a student and also have a little expendable income for small luxuries such as a portable media player.

The player really should also accept SDHC-Cards to expand the memory. I currently use a 16 Gb SD-Card with the myTV and it is much too small for my needs, I constantly have to delete files to make reem for new ones.

Thanks a lot for suggestions.

PS: Sorry if I am in the wronf sub-forum, but I just could not find a more fitting one for my question. Thanks.
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