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After carefull consideration...

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I have 2 ATI 4850 GPU's both 512MB, Im building a new PC to run these in Crossfire. WELL I WAS! After reading I have began to second guess myself. Should I craigslist these and buy 1 GPU? Im not familiar with the 4850x2 but it sounds like the 4890 is a really good card.
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I say you keep them and wait for the DX11 cards to come out, then sell em.
i think you could very much benefit form just having one good GPU than two okay ones, and you could always save up and go crossfire in the future

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I say you keep them and wait for the DX11 cards to come out, then sell em.

Agreed. Though if you do get a new card... make sure it's a 4890.
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Well the 4890 does not seem to terribly pricey. What is a good brand to look for when I get one?
craigslist is really hit/miss with selling graphics cards. You have kids selling their 7800GT's for $75 but offering $50 for your HD4850. True story.
Well im currently using 1 in my sig rig and I think I will be passing this whole PC to my wife. So im going to slap my other 4850 on craigslist and just wait it out till I find a buyer. its still factory sealed and unopened so should not take to long.
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