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After christmas upgrade suggestions

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Well I've decide to upgrade my pc a little after christmas and Id like your guys opinions on what I should get.

Ill need:
-A New CPU (Dual Core)
-A New Motherboard (AM2 or 775)
-Some New RAM
-A CPU Heatsink and Fan
-A Cheap New Case if Mobo isnt mATX

Id like to only spend $300-$350
Thanks for the help in advance
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I would say it is going to be tough to find all that for $300 but I know that if I say that, Chozart will come along and prove me wrong, so I won't.

But I will ask if it is an option to perhaps wait a bit longer and stockpile some more money.
I'm doing the same thing ecxept I'm not getting RAM. It is just in that price range for me.

CPU - 805/820 I would go for the 820. $95
Mobo - ASUS P5L $76
RAM - Better Timings/Higher Speed I would got with the higher speed $110
Cooler - Tuniq Tower $55

A rough calculation shows $336 before tax and shipping.
Sounds hard
. You could do it within £350 (I'm saving up right now. I'm after a graphics card first though)
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Since you are on such a tight budget I would recommend:

ASRock 775Dual-VSTA $57 Cheap, supports everything including core 2 duo.
Pentium D 820 $96 Dual Core, Will do 3.4-3.5 on that mobo, and with a pin mod, I've seen 3.9
Arctic Freezer 7 Pro $30 , Cheap, if you can find the openbox its only $17 shipped.
Rosewill R6A34 $35 , Cheap, nice, lots of features for the money.
Ram, OCZ 1GB of ddr2 667 $110, kinda up to you, I picked this real quick.

Thats only $328 before shipping...

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