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After much piddling, SLi and 270.51

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The past few driver revisions have been extremely problematic for me, and my little SLi cards that apparently couldn't. Due to the massive amount of full-screen flicker I would get in most every game. After much ado, most of the flicker has been addressed, and I have to say, these drivers really are better from the frame rate perspective.

Things I did to address the flicker.

Reinstall monitor device drivers, new Nvidia drivers where keeping the device (monitor) under windows, but were not associating the monitor to the display graphics card. Ie. the display was labeled as my Samsung, but under the card settings, listed as Generic PnP.

This resolved creating a custom profile to tweak the hz. at 1080p.

Removed and cleaned the SLi memory ribbon. This has a surprising impact on the games that were most affected by the flicker. Newer high speeds cards with faster ram I suspect suffer from this problem more than perhaps slower clocked cards. (My gts 450's are significantly further clocked than most gtx cards I have seen, but this seems problematic from a timing/sync standpoint) That said, I am curious as to the impact moving from the crummy ribbon cable to a hard 'chip' cable would result with.

Run the game a couple of times... interestingly I am curious if the NvxDsync.exe process that showed up a couple drivers ago has anything to do with calculating the monitor hz sync.

The drivers seem to be quite good, and at this point I am convinced that my issues are a reboot from the old display synchronization issues from the early days of SLi.

Of course BFBC2 is pure greatness... while newer games such as Shogun 2 (almost 99 percent of the issue) on the campaign map... battles are problem free as well as the main menu...

To sorta reiterate, I have been using the previous beta drivers without any trouble, it has only been the new drivers that have brought this issue up... where not talking huge fps changes, but significant enough to try to get em to work full time.

Tips or suggestions are much appreciated.
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