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After starting GPU folding, CPU folding hangs

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I just put in an 8400GS into my linux server, and I got it to start folding. Only now, since I've started folding on the GPU is that the CPU SMP folding has turned into a snail. I went from 1400PPD (E8400 @ stock) to 340PPD, and I've been on the same WU for a while now.

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mines the opposite. My GTX285 loses about 1200 ppd when i start up SMP folding. I hope someone has an answer!
Well the GPU client uses some CPU cycles too. So running both at the same time will reduce performance compared to running them on their own. A trick is to leave a CPU core available for the GPU client. EX: if you have a quad fold on 2-3 cores and leave one available for the GPU client.

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Write the word linux in bold next time cause nobody really reads posts.


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