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[AG] Demigod Preview

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Demigod will make it onto store shelves and will also be available for purchase on Stardock's Impulse platform, but unlike with Valve's Steam service, you don't need to start Impulse in order to run Demigod. The big thing here is that as with other games released by Stardock, this one will include no disc-based copy protection or draconic DRM, although you'll have to log in to Impulse and use your legit game key to get any updates that are posted after release. So far, the Impulse system for downloading, installing, and playing Demigod has gone very smoothly - and that's kind of an important thing to know if you want to buy it online. The release date is currently set for April 14th and word on the Stardock forums is that a demo will be released sometime after the game's launch. If you're interested in anything that ranges from Diablo to Warcraft to Heroes of Might & Magic to Supreme Commander, it's worth looking into Demigod - its unique mix of strategy, action, and RPG elements really is compelling.