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AGP compatibility question

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Hey guys, looking to finally upgrade my pos FX5200 pci card :turd: Right now, I'm eyeballing http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProduc...150-083&depa=1 . My problem is that the AGP slot on my mobo is only 4x. The system requirements on the 6600 show it as requiring an 8x slot. I know that if it does work in my system, it will only be at 4x speed... but my question is will it work period?
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It will work just fine, the driver for the card will adjust the card to work at AGP 4x...will run very nicely even at 4x.
yeah man, itll work, but dont get that card.....its a waist of money....get the 6600gt, which is about 20$ more, but 2x the performance. the 6600 is the equal to like a 5700ultra. the 6600GT is better then a 5900ultra/9800pro
Thanks for the info...I really need to upgrade my video card, and I want to have something decent for when I can afford a new motherboard.
carefull about getting the 6600GT i got it a couple months ago, and i didn't know about the new PCIe slots, which the 6600GT works on. I had to get a new MB just to use my card.
actaully, 6600Gt's come in agp. You must not have been paying attention when u purchased urs. here is an agp version:


There are probably ones with better memory too, i just picked the first one i saw.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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