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You definitely have something wrong there.
Below is my run with identical CPU frequencies and slightly slower RAM.

I used to have a comparable issue before, where for me it would benchmark around 35000MB/s and 65ns and for the life of me could not point out to what was causing it. I did all the possible cleanups, uninstalled unwanted problems, stopped all unnecessary processes and nothing worked. Only in Safe Mode I was getting the correct scores.
You should boot into Safe Mode and run the benchmark there and you will most likely see that its back to your normal scores.
This is an OS problem, a clutter problem most likely if you have many programs and apps installed.

For me, the only fix was to to a fresh Windows install and now, over a year later, its still ok, scores are still where they need to be.
Somehow, something in the background is affecting your performance in my opinion.

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