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[Aionsource]Aion OBT April.

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You guys already know that China's (SDO's) Aion CBT starts on the 26th of March, but did you know that they may go straight into OBT just a week or two afterwards? Perhaps even after only eight days of testing?

Not sure how many people have been following this MMO out of Korea, but it looks like it could be pretty promising. I'll admit it looks like a blatant ripoff of WoW, but still looks like it could be entertaining.
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I've been watching it on and off lightly since the E3 06. Just recently started watching it every week or two for the past 6 months. I played Lineage 2 for a few years and it got boring. I want to play an MMO but not start an already old one. I'm looking forward to it.
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