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Air tight PVC threads

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i use a custom pvc res, dont get me wrong its great but

i want the threaded cap to be water and air tight
how would i do that?
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Just use some Teflon tape, that should do it and you can still take it off when you want to.

"Hercules Pipe Dope" is about the best I think, its nice and thick, its a little more expensive at $5-6 a roll, but a roll will last you for years if your not a plumber..
..It comes in a little flat can.
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Teflon tape FTW! You can buy it most anywhere.. they call it Thread Sealant tape usually.

It's like 2 bucks at any hardware store.

Edit- Wow, Ira's fast!
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The trick with the tape is to not put too much on. It is actually not a 'sealant' but a lubricant for the threads. One or 2 times around the threads is all you need. One thing I've used on threaded pvc that worked very well was silicone. I just put a bit of it around the threads. ( I was out of pipe dope and was too lazy to run to the store....
) It has worked for me pretty well the few times I've done it.
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well in response im actually looking to seal the treads
Assuming your reservoir is made from pvc pipe with a threaded fitting on the end, the threads should be water tight. and tape will help with this.
you can also use o rings. just be careful not to squish them too much!

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you can also use o rings. just be careful not to squish them too much!

afterall, a bad Oring was what made a space shuttle go down :O
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