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Airflow and fan placement in my case

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Ok guys i'm planning to get a TRUE and some Scythe fans for my case but the only things tht are bothering me are the fan placement in the case and how many fans i shud get (besides the one for the TRUE - not doing push/pull). I already have an 80mm fan at the back of the case and a 120mm one on the side. Both fans came with the case so i have no clue wut their cfm is. I don't mind modding my case and i'm thinking of removing the empty FD rack to put a 120mm Scythe fan instead. I also dunno if the side fan will still fit if i put a TRUE in there. I also have a duct at the top of the case which i plan to have an 80mm Scythe fan put on (dunno whether it shud be intake or exhaust tho). Here are some pics to show you what's already in there (dusty i know :S):

Note that there rn't any fans at the front of the case. Just the 80mm fan in the photo and the 120mm fan on the side cover (which isnt showing). Advice on airflow and fan placement wud be much appreciated as well as any other useful thoughts.
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After reading some of the posts in the forums i think i might actually get Delta fans for the case instead or maybe Yate Loons. Any recommendations?
+1 for scythe, they may be easier to get a hold of.
Yeh i found several scythe fans on coolerguys.com (didnt check newegg cuz they didnt have the TRUE n tht was wut i was looking for originally) and a few Yate Loons. The main thing i'm asking about tho is the airflow design. How shud the air flow thru my case?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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