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Airport extreme help!

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My step-dad is running an airport extreme and I cant find the SSID number anywhere. I need it to connect to the airport, and he won't give the SSID.

I have the Name of the network, and the password, just not the SSID. is there any way to find it from my computer?
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Hmm *wonders if breaching tos* search google. You can get a program that will try to retrieve data packets which will return wep keys,SSID's or part of fairly easily.
Yeah the SSID = network name. You're computer should detect the network unless the SSID is not being broadcast. If you are trying to configure the airport extreme just hardwire you computer and configure it that way.
He has all this info written down on a piece of paper I stole lol. He has it as listed.

Base Staion: ae8f33
IP Address:
Airport ID: 00.IC:B3:AE:8F:33
Wireless Network Name: CROffice
Base Station Name: Office
Security level WPA2
Wireless Password: (Classified)
Network Name: CROffice

how can I use these... the program for my wireless card (trendnet) is asking for

Profile Name:
Wireless Mode: (Infrastructure or Ad-hoc)
Encryption: (AES or TKIP)
and then the password.
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Profile name: whatever you want the profile to be called
SSID: CROffice
Wireless mode: default (should be infrastructure)
Encryption: you shouldn't have to set the encryption type to connect to a network
Password: password

Hope that helps.
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thanks, will try it. does my hardwired network cable have to be unplugged for the wireless to work?
You problem is going to be WPA2 and a password...I hope he offers you the password, because WPA2 is very difficult to break.
I have the password, but it still won't connect.
I tried what MC brown said but no go.
no its wireLESS just try the over the air connection.
its still not working. I have no clue what to do. are you sure the 00:1c:B3:AE:8F:33 isn't my SSID? I've tried it and it doesn't work either.
Nope, that would be the Airport's MAC address (identifier hard-linked to the device), nothing to do with the wireless network.

If you search for wireless networks in Vista, can you see the CROffice network or is the SSID hidden?
haha I'm a total wireless networks noob. where can I search?

in the program that came with the wireless card, its shows a wireless account with 100% connectivity, but under the SSID tab, there is nothing there.

EDIT: found where to search on vista. It show's the network like trendnet does, but its called "unnamed network"
Personally, I never use the adapter's included software as it isn't really necessary. But that's beside the point.

Given the 100% signal strength, I would assume that that is your wireless network, which means that it is configured to have a hidden SSID.

Do you see the Vista networking icon in the system tray?

When you try to connect to that network that you can see, what happens?
if you mean the two computers with the little green thing then yea, I can see it. but it says I'm already connected to: Local and Internet
You're connected to the router/gateway (whatever), but don't get any outgoing/incoming traffic? Or are you still unable to connect.

It could very well be that he's using MAC address filtering to allow devices to connect.
No, I'm not connected. it show's the network when I search for it, but it wont let me connect. I have no incoming or outgoing traffic.
It might be a driver issue with your wireless card. If you have the SSID and password and are able to connect to the router just fine, then it's not a MAC address filtering issue. If there's a connectivity problem, then (a) the airport isn't getting an ouside internet source, (b) your card isn't properly connecting for some reason--did you try reinstalling your wireless card drivers/updating your wireless card drivers? Have you tried restricting your wireless card to "b" mode only "as opposed to g or b/g"? Other settings on your card you've tried tweaking?
I got connected. its a wireless N card because all airport extreme's are wireless N.

Apparently his computer had to be on? because when I tried the info he gave me with it off it wouldn't work. but as soon as he turned it on I could connect.

Now it allows me to connect all the time, but I don't get that lol.
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