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Depends very much on the size of your PC and how much heat it produces.
I used to have my PC in an Antec 900 which is of a similar size to a P182. The Akasa Omega on the other hand is massive. It accommodates 2 GTX260s without any difficulty with plenty of room to spare.
They're designed for totally different computers which makes it a little harder to compare. The Omega is really designed for high end stuff or servers to be honest.
For your situation I'd probably suggest a P182 unless you're planning on a larger rig in the future, but then I have a friend who has a P182 and he's got a GTX280 running just fine in there. His set up looks somewhat... squashed but otherwise it's reliable.

The Omega comes with a couple of 120mm fans as standard with plenty of room to add more. You may add 2 120mm fans on the side to blow air onto the graphics card(s) and another 2 may be installed on the top as exhausts if you like. They're also quite handy for mounting a radiator on. Then there's the usual 120mm fan places in the front and rear.

Noise wise - My omega is incredibly quiet but then I've got all the fans running on their lowest setting and the motherboard will increase the speeds if the PC gets too hot which it never really does unless it's gone through a heavy gaming session and all the windows in the room are shut. It's not really built to take anything smaller than a 120mm fan, but the perks of that are they're pretty quiet.

Airflow wise - this thing can game or fold for days on end and doesn't overheat so I'd say airflow is pretty good, the two 120mm mounts on the side are a godsend for keeping the graphics set up supplied with cold air. The temperates I get are lower than what my Antec 900 provided me with anyway.

Do a bit more research into the two as they're designed for different purposes.
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