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Alienware 17 and 14 owners, Alienware has released a bugfix bios update

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Heads up to owners of the new Alienware 14 or Alienware 17 notebook, we've just posted the new A04 BIOS update for these two systems with some tweaks that will improve your GPU performance and clock speeds.

This BIOS update is intended only for the recent notebooks launched in June and should not be updated by anyone with the previous M14x or M17x systems.

Head over to the support site and grab your updates at:

AW14: http://dell.to/17HfoU0

AW17: http://dell.to/12m0hzh

This is to fix the issues with the GTX 780M throttling at such low temps and the issues with the onboard cards in the 14.
Which was much needed.

Game Victorious!
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